The United Church of Moscow -- Who Are We?

The United Church of Moscow is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the American Baptist Churches USA, which are both extremely diverse organizations. In fact, diversity is built into the very design of who we are. It is understood that each individual and each congregation has the privilege of taking personal responsibility for the faith which shapes their life. And at the same time, we are responsible to each other because we are a part of one community of faith, bound together by God. This is a challenging and often difficult way to live. It means celebrating every person as a unique and wonderful child of God, even when our views and faith practices differ. The foundation of our unity cannot be common practice, belief or lifestyle, because each of us is unique and approaches life and faith in unique and different ways. Instead, the foundation of our unity will always be the love of God which binds us to each other and to God. Such an approach to life and faith requires both trust and risk. It means trusting God enough to risk living outside the security of our self-defined comfort zones. It means trusting each other enough to risk truly sharing life with each other even when we disagree.

The United Church of Moscow is a community of people who are committed to striving towards this kind of faithful living. We don’t always get it right, but we continue to struggle with the challenge. It truly is a welcoming congregation where people are respected and questions are encouraged. We understand that God is calling us to reach out into the world and touch the lives of others on God’s behalf. Locally that takes such forms as supporting the work of EvenStart Family Literacy program (housed in our basement); and Success by Six (located in the house behind the church which we own), actively participating in the Moscow Interfaith Association and sponsoring the Campus Christian Center on the U of I campus and the Koinonia House at WSU. Globally it means joining with a variety of denominations to support disaster relief efforts around the globe as well as ongoing efforts of peace, justice and economic development.

Being the Body of Christ means we are God’s hands and feet and voice in the world, working for the well-being of God’s people. We do not claim to have all the answers. In fact, questions frequently seem to take center stage. But we believe that even as we struggle to discover answers to the questions which trouble us, we remain in relationship with the God who has our lives and the world firmly in the embrace of God’s love and grace. Our job is to share that love with those around us.